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The Inaugural Blog Entry: Urban Agriculture in Estonia I

April 28, 2011
Urban Agriculture doesn’t have to focus on growing vegetables in an urban environment but can be useful to create awareness for general environmental pollution in cities.  In 2008 the organisation Linnalabor  carried out such an public experiment. What they did was to grow edible plants next to two main traffic arteries of the capital Tallinn. After growing the plants they tested them for pollution levels. The results showed that for example the lead levels were three times higher than allowed. Even if more experiments with different designs would be necessary to obtain robust results, this experiment gives a first indication and lead them to the rhetorical question: „If we are afraid to grow edible plants in cities because of the pollution, why do we agree to live in such unhealthy environment?“
One of the outputs of the project was the brochure below. One page 108 you can find a short summary in English.
Please click here for the brochure.
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