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Est. 1992 – Bio-Garden in Mülheim/Ruhr

Mai 6, 2011
VHS Bio-Garden in Mülheim/Ruhr. (C) VHS

VHS Bio-Garden in Mülheim/Ruhr. (C) VHS

Urban agriculture is a „hit with the kids“ these days, something cool and hip. Adult Education Centres (Volkshochschule in German, so I’ll use the abbreviation VHS) on the other hand have an image of being outdated and  lame. So how do these two things go together? Actually quite well.

Already in 1992, as part of the Mülheim horticultural show, the VHS Bio-Garden was established. They propably  wouldn’t call it urban agriculture but this is what they are doing. The garden comprises an area of 2500 sqm and is divided into several areas for example vegetables, herbs and wildflowers.

In addition the VHS offers several information courses. Every week people can work in the garden and are thereby educated on the methods of gardening and the interdependencies of wildflowers and animals and their importance for biodiversity. On sundays people can visit the garden and ask the staff all they want to know related to gardening for example on composting, green roofs or nesting boxes. A market where people can trade their own seeds and plants will take place this weekend. All this is free of charge.

Practical information on how to build and foster gardens is provided on their website and a brochure on „100 medicinal and spice plants“ was published last year as well.

If you should be in Mülheim, here is how you find the garden:

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